Dear Jim, sorry,

I just received the email below from Jim McDermott.  While I doubt he cares, I am not sending him money.  My reasons are after his letter below:

Dear Friend,



Summer is (finally) here, and things are heating up in DC.


There is so much at stake right now, from the nation’s debt limit to saving Medicare.


I am very lucky to represent the residents of the 7th District, and I think about that responsibility every single time I board the plane back to Washington, DC.


But I cannot board that plane alone.


Tomorrow is the end of the fundraising quarter and I still have $3000 to raise to meet my goal.  Can you send a contribution of $25 in right now?


I knew this session of Congress would be difficult, but I’ll never stop fighting for you.


I ask that you help my re-election effort today.  Please contribute $25 or whatever you can afford and help me continue to promote progressive values in Congress.





Congressman Jim McDermott

Dear Jim,
Sorry, but I see no reason to contribute to your campaign.

I could justify sending money to you, even if your seat is secure, if I respected the things you do… that is the good deeds you undertake as my elected representative.  Some other Congressman are very visible in matters that affect my welfare.  Some of these are national issues .. budget reform and tax reform are biggies for me.  Sadly, I never read your name in those debates.

I also feel strongly about many issues that are special for this District.   I am VERY concerned about the welfare of the UW and the other premiere public ivies across the nation.  I am also very concerned with the need for immigration reform that will let the US continue to benefit from bringing the world’s best and the brightest here.   Urbam transportation is another BIG issue for me. Sadly, you seem unaware that the UW even exists in your District and I have not heard anything coherent from you about immigration or transit.

A “Seattle” issue you and I both care deeply about is healthcare reform.  Frankly, other than rhetoric for single payer and  a vote that I would  imagine anyone from the 7th would have to give, I have seen little real contribution from you. What role have you played and are you playing in bringing Obamacare into being?  Have you spokem out against Attorney Genral McKenna’s misude of my tax dollars?

Healthcare reform has a special meaning here in the 7th because the UW School of Medicine is ranked so highly in primary care. Sadly, as a Prof. at the UW School of Medicine, I am unaware that you have ever shown up here to take advantage of the amazing expertise we have along NW Pacific.

OK, The “charity” might be worthwhile if Jim McDermott were more visible in our local politics.  Tell me then, who are YOUR protegés?  What role have you played in trying to defeat Dave Reichert or convince great progressives to run for office in your District?  Sadly, it seems to me that the McDermott charity lends little to its wealth or prestige to promote others careers.

There is reason to hope that I will contribute funds to the 7th and  hope you will not be dispirited. I would love to see better use of this safe seat! Alternatively, if and when you decide to step down so a younger person can take better advantage of this seat, I hope you will write and urge my support for the causes we share.



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