Breitbart Strikes Again: How to slander democrats

Rep. Anthony Weiner exploring legal action over ‘Weinergate’ fiasco
Published on May 30th, 2011
Written by: Eric W. Dolan

Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner is consulting  lawyers after it was reported that the New York congressman sent a racy photo to a female college student from Seattle via Twitter.  Weiner has claimed that his Facebook account was hacked and that, while the photo did appear on his Twitter feed, he did not send it. The photo shows a man’s erect penis outlined in a pair of tight boxer briefs. The photo , first published by Andrew Breitbart’s BigGovernment,  An analysis of a screenshot of the congressman’s yFrog account, which was published by BigGovernment, shows the image was manipulated, according to the progressive blog DailyKos. The screenshot was allegedly altered to make it appear that the racy photo was associated with Rep. Weiner’s account. Another DailyKos blogger has suggested that nearly the entire incident was fabricated by a conservative Twitter user.

You can get an idea of the radical right’s vitriol here.

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  1. 1

    Check Mediaite from yesterday. The image was not manipulated.

  2. LEGO #

    wasn’t the issue a faux tweet account?

  3. LEGO #


    Breitbart’s own interview on CNN makes it pretty clear that Andrew Breitbart intentionally spread a malicious rumor.

    I suspect this is going to court… wonder how big a slander suit Mr. Breitbart’s rich buddies want to pay for?

  4. James Tiberious #

    Can you say you guys are full of sh1t and everything you say is LIES? Got caught with your pants down again…Wish Breibart and the rest of us could sue you guys for your vicuous lies and DailyKock too..Wonder if Breibart can sue them for slander? See how many of their rich big boys can come up with some big bucks..Soros has deep deep pockets you know1! Must be nice being funded by a billionaire NAZI killer!!

  5. James Tiberious #

    hah awaiting moderation can you say cesuring? this is a leftist sight and we know what they think about letting the truth come out..I guarantee you won’t print the previous post!!

  6. theaveeditor #

    No censorship, just .. as it says, waiting for me to have time.
    as for “left,” sorry bubbelah but your assumptions are .. as they say ..sooooooooo wrong.

    TA is a open to all. I only censor obvious spam.

    I also invite anyone with enough intellect to write as a contributor and get yelled at regularly by libruls for being to conservative.

    In my own view, I just try to be rational.

    As for Anthony Weiner … so far the WORST he is charged is lust and flirting. The sad thing about the right and Brightbat is that it has no more emaningful subject to focus on. Us patriots do understand …. the right is not really conservative today. No rational conservative can win a primary when folks like Brightbat, Palin, Angle, are actually takne seriously.

    I actually feel sorry for the smart righties I do know. One occasional contrib here is actually a Friiedman protege but he has no where to go on the right.

    In the meantime, if pix of Weiner’s undies turn you on, I am sure you can find more titillating websites than TA!