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Bill Proposed to Force Sale of University of Iowa’s Pollock Painting

A bill was introduced in February in the Iowa House that would require the University of Iowa to sell Jackson Pollock’s Mural, in order to create funding for scholarships. So let me see, we take out a loan of $200.000,000 to BUY a new Husky stadium and theĀ  we could sell something to pay of [[...]

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Lyrics for Guns N Religion (by Don Smith)

Guns N Religion (by Don Smith)  We don't need no regulations. We don't need no gun control. No Environmental Protection Agency. No Centers for Disease Control. Hey, liberals, leave our guns alone! All and all you're just another commie pinko. All and all you're just another commie pinko. *** We[...]

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HUMOR: Spanish Economy Teetering

Just two months after a terrorist bomb killed 191 commuters in Madrid, Crown Prince Felipe married former news anchor and divorcee Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano. More than 1,500 dignitaries attended the ceremony at Madrid’s Almudena Cathedral, which was decorated with more than a million flowers, w[...]

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MLA meeting in Seattle Jan 2012

127th MLA Annual Convention The convention will begin on Thursday, 5 January, and end on Sunday, 8 January. Registration opens in early September for MLA members. PARTICIPATE The deadline to submit program forms and session proposals has passed (1 April). If you have already submitted program copy, [...]