Nebraska thrown out of research university association as it joins the Big Ten.

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U. of Nebraska-Lincoln Is Voted Out of Assn. of American Universities

By Jeffrey J. Selingo

In an unprecedented move, the Association of American Universities has thrown out one of its members, the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

At least two-thirds of the 63-member group, which represents universities with the most prestigious profiles in research and graduate education in the United States and Canada, voted to discontinue Nebraska’s membership in an election that concluded early last week. Nebraska’s chancellor, Harvey Perlman, was notified of the decision earlier this week.

“The AAU metrics are flawed,” Mr. Perlman said in an interview on Friday afternoon. Mr. Perlman said on Friday that as he looked at the university’s accomplishments of the past decade, only one may have been helped because of its AAU membership: the invitation last year to join the Big Ten. read more at the Chronicle

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