Ave Challenge: Why Does Tennessee Care About This Man?

Who is this man?

By a vote of 70-28, the Tennessee House of Representatives has approved a bill based on this man’s teachings.  The bill purports to::

a. Protect freedom of speech for teachers.

b. Privatize Tennessee’s schools.

c. Prevent openly gay people from teaching in public schools.

d. Make a holiday in honor of Billy Sunday

e. Declare gold as legal tender.

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    e – William Jennings Bryan, many-time presidential candidate on the Populist ticket and Sec. of State under Woodrow Wilson, electrified the Democratic Convention with his 1896 “Cross of Gold” speech advocating a silver-based currency as a remedy for the stubborn depression of the mid-1890s. (Thus he was anti-gold, not pro-gold.) In later life Bryan was famous for prosecuting schoolteacher Scopes for teaching evolution, in the well-remembered Scopes Monkey Trial.