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A Committe Member Comments on the Search Process

Ana Mary Cauce, Dean, on why the confidential UW process is better than the public process in Minnesota. Dear Colleagues, As a participant on the Presidential Search committee, I wanted to explain why confidentiality has become standard in such searches, even in public universities.[...]

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Sunday Revelations: is the Japanese Tsunami a Harbinger of Jesus?

Franklin Graham explains what can not be understood else wise.  [...]

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TREME … back tonight on HBO …

Ed. BRS and I have not missed an episode. This is GREAT TV! Mr. Gray’s review understates what we feel …… from the PI, by Lester Gray excerpted. TREME: HUMANITY AMONG THE RUINS ….. Then Katrina turned the benighted into the ineffably tragic…… In a dystopian landsc[...]

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AAUP: Welcomes President Young with concern about the process used to select him.

As the media have announced that Michael Young is the new President of the UW, the UW AAUP expresses welcome and concern about the process. Dear Colleagues, The Board of Regents still has not announced who will be the new President of UW, but with the Seattle Times running front-page stories on Mich[...]

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Spring .. When Young Love Blossoms

From Salon .. enjoy![...]

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八英雄 Dozens Targeted in Chinese Crackdown on Critical Voices

from Der Springer  Sandra Schulz in Shanghai eight heroes Ai Weiwei Liu Xianbin Ni Yulan Zhao Lianhai Liu Xiaoyuan Ran Yunfei Liu Xiaobo Teng Biao The recent disappearance of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei made headlines around the world. But the Chinese regime has also targeted dozens of other critics a[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Who would have thought?

SUNDAY REVELATIONS: ‘Reminder of the eternal’ at W.H. Politico by MJ LEE | 04/19/11 10:17 AM ‘Nothing beats scripture and the reminder of the eternal,’ Obama said. Reuters Close The morning after hosting a Passover seder, President Obama told Christian leaders at the White Ho[...]

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Happy Easter

SCOTT COHEN / THE SEATTLE TIMES Bunnies — abandoned pets — running wild in 2 Seattle parks Green Lake and Woodland Parks are hopping with bunnies, and the owners of a local animal sanctuary say Easter serves as a good time to urge would-be bunny owners to reconsider. Above, these rabbits[...]

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Peace in Politics at Easter Time: Ed Murray and Fran Zarelli

from Seattle Times: OLYMPIA — If there was ever an odd couple in the state Legislature, it would be Sens. Ed Murray and Joe Zarelli. (excerpted) They are polar opposites. Murray’s a liberal, openly gay Democratic lawmaker from Capitol Hill who supports creating a state income tax. Zarelli[...]