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Europe’s Biggest-Ever Space Payload Goes into Orbit

‘Johannes Kepler’ Blasts Off The freighter Johannes Kepler is on its way to the International Space Station. The unmanned ship, the heaviest load ever carried into orbit by a European rocket, will dock automatically with the ISS using laser-guided technology. By Christoph Seidler in Kour[...]

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Explorers find uncontacted civilization on the far side of Duwamish

Hidden White Center civilization discovered. Origins remain a mystery. New photos of “uncontacted” members of the South Park community have intensified recent debate over how such residents are labeled and what strategies can be employed to protect them from gentrification. Among the key questio[...]

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Egypt -> Libya -> Wisconsin ——> ? Indiana?

from Politco By MAGGIE HABERMAN | 2/22/11 12:49 PM EST Updated: 2/22/11 2:58 PM EST In a move straight out of the Wisconsin playbook, Indiana Democratic lawmakers fled the state today in a bid to kill a proposed right-to-work bill ahead of a vote. Citing a source, the Indianapolis Star reported that[...]

February 22nd, 2011 - 11:52 am § in America

Walker Blames the Victims

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has been blaming the public workers for the problems of their pension system. Let's get this straight: the pension system insolvency was caused by the banksters' enticing public investors to pony up for worthless "mortgage-backed securities" in the run-up to the Crash of [...]

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The business of ghost writing college papers

from rhp6033 at HorsesAss Last week I visited the doctor’s office. … Since I wasn’t particularly interested in Field & Stream, Golf, or Ladies Home Journal, I picked up the large-print edition of the May 2011 issue of Readers Digest, and opened it up to a randam page. What I found was [...]

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Republican Proposes Tax Magic!

POLLS  SHOW VOTERS SUPPORT PROTESTERS IN WISCONSIN The mess in Wisconsin illustrates two things …  The media are either superficial or they are biased against democracy.  They know that the mess in Wisconsin has nothing to do with closing a budget gap.  Governor Walker has created this mes[...]

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The similarity between Wisconsin and Egypt is impossible to ignore. Mubarak tried to solve his problem by  offering a series of concessions, none ot which were enough to satisfy the crowds in Tahrir Square.His promises .. of threats and rewards grew ever bigger, his nose .. already large, soon was [...]