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Obama has dinner with tech industry CEOs , Balmer Absent

Where is Steve Balmer?  Is he the only Republican  tech industry CEO? By Vlad Savov posted Feb 18th 2011 at 11:30AM Barack Obama wining and dining the industry’s biggest decision makers. Larry Ellison, Eric Schmidt, Carol Bartz, Mark Zuckerberg, and yes, even Steve Jobs.  Steve Balmer is co[...]

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Obsession: With All WAState faces, is pot REALLY worth Kohl-Welles’ Time?

from the Weekly SB 5073, the overhaul of Washington’s medical-marijuana law proposed by state Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles, received a hearing today in the senate’s Health and Long-Term Care Committee. In attempt to undermine the legislation, opponents of the bill proposed several amendments,[...]

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China: Egypt Comes to Tianamen Square

from CARA ANNA, AP BEIJING — Chinese authorities cracked down on activists as a call circulated for people to gather in more than a dozen cities Sunday for a “Jasmine Revolution.” The source of the call was not known, but authorities moved to halt its spread online. Searches for the wo[...]

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Humor:Star Wars Come to Wisconsin


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Google Phobia

from puddy How many of you use wireless in your home? How many of you remember how Google’s picture car went through your neighborhood taking street photographs and the car “illegally” sniffed your wireless MAC addresses? How many of you realize Google still has that stored and can track your [...]

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A Conservative View of Wisconsin

Unions vs the People by Tim Carney, Washington Examiner Ed.  Mr. Carney does make a reasonable case.  The problem, of  course, is that he is one sided.  The issues n Wisconsin are not just whether the public unions are special interest groups.  That is obviously true.  The real problem is that[...]

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British Citizens Demand Revolution!

Americans watching the Egyptian Revolution might remember our own history and think about the  demonstrations of a few weeks ago in Britain. Students in Britain took to the street to protest the huge increases in tuition under the new British Conservative government.  Those increases are well belo[...]