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Canadian Company Kills 100 Dogs to Save Bucks

Photograph by: Claudia Kwan, Special to the Vancouver Sun The man responsible for the “execution-style” cull of 100 sled dogs that were no longer of use to the Whistler-based Outdoor Adventures “due to a slow winter” season had known a lot of the dogs and was traumatized so m[...]

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WA Legislators Think Online=Free

Unfortunately, opposition to real educational technology now comes from all sides.  Union advocates are worried about losing faculty jobs. The politicians want to save bucks now, no matter what that costs later. :Luddites, lack Glen Beck, don’s care because they think learning is  worthless [...]

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Teaching Teaching Biologists to Teach Learning Does Not Work

Teaching workshops fail to spur learner-centered teaching Professional development workshops for college teachers, designed to encourage the use of active, “learner-centered” teaching methods, may be less effective than the participants believe, according to research reported in the Jul[...]

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Yemen: They are the Egyptian days.

excerpt from a post by Ghassan Charbel, in Dar al Hayat, commenting on Yemen (translated) Two years ago, I asked the president about the difficulty of ruling in Yemen, and he replied that “it resembles dancing on serpent heads”. A year ago, I asked the same question, and he answered: “The serp[...]