UW Students Will Lobby For Funding

Huskies on the Hill Lobby Day: February 11, 2011

When: Friday, February 11th, 7am-4:30pm
What: Meet with your state legislators in Olympia and speak up for higher education.
Cost: Free!  Lunch & transportation provided.

Sign Up here to reserve your space.


We’re witnessing the systematic disinvestment in higher education in Washington state, and the impact is being felt across the UW campus.  Graduate and professional students could see historically high tuition increases, massive cuts in TA positions, the loss of world-class faculty, reduced class offerings, and more.  And this is just the beginning.  It’s possible we’ll see the elimination or consolidation of entire graduate programs.

How did we get here?  Reduced tax revenue from the recession combined with Washington voters’ refusal to allow any type of tax increase means the Washington Legislature must cut $4.6 billion from the state budget.  Governor Gregoire’s budget would cut UW funding by roughly $100 million a year.  Some of this will be made up for with much higher tuition — squeezing students — but the cuts will also harm academic quality.  And this is on top of cuts to UW over the past several years.

But students can make a difference.  Speaking directly to state legislators — the people holding the purse strings — about the UW’s value will help preserve as much funding as possible.  That’s why we need you to attend Huskies on the Hill Lobby Day.  You don’t need to be an expert or have any lobbying experience.  The day will include a bus trip to Olympia, a short training, meetings with legislators (students will be in groups), free lunch, press coverage, and a rally.  Not only will it help UW and your program, it will be fun!  Bring your friends and your classmates!

Sign up today:

Deadline: Monday, February 7th.

Team Leader Sign-Up Deadline: Friday, February 4th.  (Team leaders will lead a team of about 5 students through three legislator meetings.  There will be a Team Leader Training on Saturday, February 5th, 2-4pm.)

For more information: Melanie Mayock, [email protected], (206) 543-8576.

Can’t make it to Lobby Day?  Click on our Action Alerts page and send a message to your legislators.

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