PORNOGRAPHY … the Bodies!

Nick Licata, Seattle City Council, is sponsoring legislation to ban the awful pornography called “Bodies.”

For those who do know about this abomination, the Chinese government has provided cadavers for a profit making venture.  The exhibit poses dissected dead people in artistic ways .. sort of cross between Vesalius and the Decameron.   Licata’s legislation would require ” valid written authorization from the deceased.”

To make the horror of all this worse, an exhibit like the “Bodies” would be flatly illegal if done as a non profit activity at the School of Medicine.  This would even be true if the intent were to teach students how the body works.  In the US , ANY use of human materials must survive a strict review by a public review body and any unauthorized use is illegal.  The Chinese have refused to provide assurances that these bodies did not come from prisoners, or mental-health patients.


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  1. Lawrence Fishkiller #

    yeah, but it’s fun!

  2. Charles Tuna #

    What is fun about this? Do you like child porn as well? Do you go to holocaust exhibits to become aroused? Do you like cock fights and mud wrestling?

    Oh, and if you want to donate your body for such use, drop me an email.