A Healthcare Proposal

It’s just a theory I’ve been working on for a long while:

Good health care is  an agreement between doctor and patient.

Jonathon Loop

I believe good coverage is an agreement between providers and people.  Healthcare can’t be passive, people need to be involved.

When they feel involved people are more satisfied with the results,  That’s the essence of my proposal, spending health care dollars on a plan people sign on to.
If the government just takes care of their healthcare, people will be dissatisfied before the program even starts. We have advanced as a nation. As a people, participation equals success.  Government provides the rules, private enterprise offers the product, known
venues provide the coverage with free choice and portability and we get every soul subscribed one way or another.  Pride in ownership, choice, coverage, huge group with 330 million subscribers and all American competition …. that what we love.   People will join the healthcare team of their choice.
Every American wants lower prices.  Insurance for  330 million under one set of rules with competing providers, may the best
a man can win.

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