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Coulter: “The Trump haters were right!”

“Ann Coulter called the president ‘grotesque’ and disappointing as she appeared poised to bail on him,” the Washington Post reported yesterday. And today, Huffington Post quoted Coulter as saying “boy, things don’t look good,” and “I’m not very h[...]

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TRUMP to replace Spicer with STRUMPETTE from FOX

NEW YORK — Kimberly Guilfoyle, the former first lady of San Francisco and current Fox News host, is in conversations with the Trump administration about becoming White House press secretary, she said in an interview with the Bay Area News Group on Monday night. Guilfoyle said the idea of her takin[...]

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Who Ratted on Trump?

WHO LEAKED? After the effort to cover up Trump’s leaking of ultra secret material to the Russians, the new spin is that the real leak was by whoever gave the story to the press. Problem is, the ONLY possible sources are the same three people who denied the leak. The stories in both the Washing[...]

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Schumer demands transcript of Trump-Russia meeting Kremlin has named Donald J. Trump its Employee of the Month for December. S&P, Nasdaq hit record highs on gains in tech, consumer staples Syrian government denies U.S. accusation of crematorium at prison Foreign Leaders Realize Trump Is a Pushov[...]

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Daily Tweet: Trumps His Advisers, Brags That HE Has Right to Breech Security

 McMaster was one of three American officials  who sat in on the meeting withe the Russian spy master and foreign minister. After the meeting the Washington Post and NY Times broke stories claiming that Trump had given the Russians ultra high, critical security information.  As soon as the stori[...]

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Secret Offshore Deals Deprive Africa Of Billions In Natural Resource Dollars[...]

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How Norway Pays for Healthcare

Knut Robert Knutsen Healthcare (in Norway) is nationalized, but the details are a bit nuanced. Well, a portion of our paycheck goes to the “welfare fund”, and there’s an employer portion on top of that. It’s based primarily on the Bismarck Socialism model where the employee c[...]

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We Need Moth Races Off Of Seattle New Waterfront!

The Incredible Moth .. way cooler than the hydroes! These things are amazing. They can make 35 knot in a minimal wind.   Imagine Seafair with moth races replacing the hydros![...]

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Why Is Trump Making This First Big Trip to The Holy Cities?

President Trump is seeking is to unite peoples of all faiths around a common vision of peace, progress, and prosperity. Following the chaos of Trump’s leaks to the Russians, it is worth asking WTF .. why is he going on this Big Trip?  HR McMaster, Trump’s national security answer, offer[...]

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Trump’s Top Pick for USDA Head Scientist is a Talk Radio Host

New head scientist at the Agriculture Department has never taken a graduate course in science . Dr. Sam Clovis has a doctorate in public administration and  is best known for hosting a conservative talk radio show on Iowa’s KSCJ Talk Radio alongside Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Hahn, Da[...]