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SCROTUS: Supreme Court Republicans of the United States

What happens if SCOTUS deadlocks 4-4?[...]

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Liberal Hypocrisy in Indian Country

And while Native Americans often took a leading role in the protests, one could also argue that their concerns were often being exploited for other activists’ agendas. A couple of weeks AT (Ante Trump) The Ave published the facts about the Standing Rock Protests. In summary, the pipeline issue was[...]

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Why has the world forgotten Tibet?

Please watch our new video on Tibet’s environment and resources. Share it with others and help us get the word out about this terrible injustice. Over the past decade China’s exploitation of Tibet’s natural resources has gathered pace significantly. Tibetans have no power to protec[...]

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AFTER TRUMP: Support from the KKK and American Nazi Party

KKK, American Nazi Party praise Trump’s hiring of Bannon[...]

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Breaking News: Dylan, Hell No, He Won’t Go!

In a personal letter to the academy, Dylan told them “he wishes he could receive the prize personally, but other commitments make it unfortunately impossible.”  He underlined that he feels “incredibly honoured by the Nobel prize.”.[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Likely Trump Appointments

Sen. Jeff Sessions, AG The Alabama senator was one of the first and only senators to come out forcefully in support of Trump’s candidacy during the GOP primary. Sessions’ influence over the transition process is evident; in addition to his own visits to Trump Tower, Sessions allowed his [...]

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AFTER TRUMP: Trump Appoints Anti Muslim Bigot to Head National Security Team

When the then new President, Barack, visited Saudi Arabia and Egypt to promote his hope for Islamic Democracy, the right wing Washington Times ran an opinion piece suggesting that the newly inaugurated president was a closeted Muslim.  That piece was written by Frank Gaffney, the new head of Trump[...]

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Its not just Fox


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AFTER TRUMP: Nato “Extreme and Unprecedented Uncertainty”

NATO Prepares for Trump Presidency On the campaign trail, Donald Trump issued some serious threats to NATO that could significantly alter the balance of power in Europe if delivered on. Fearing the worst, officials at the trans-Atlantic military alliance even developed scenarios for his possible pr[...]

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Germans Fear New American Fuhrer

OpinionAn Absurd and Dangerous President The United States has voted for a dangerously inexperienced and racist man — one who was swept into the White House by an army of disenfranchised white working- and middle class Americans. It’s a movement that now threatens democracy around the wo[...]