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The Dog Party ticket

This is an inside joke. The DP’s presidential candidate is my dog (left), and its vice presidential candidate is the neighbor’s dog (right). Left + right = balanced ticket — get it? Their platform is (1) t-bone steaks in food dishes every Saturday night, and (2) no cats on the Supr[...]

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What black people put up with

I sure hope this video was staged. Please tell me it’s staged, not real. But if it’s real, I’m sure glad I’m not black. I hope nobody hates me for saying this. I don’t mean any disrespect; I just don’t see how I could stand being treated like this every day of my [...]

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Endorsing Trump

Ted Cruz: “I Will Endorse Donald Trump For President If He Makes Masturbation Illegal” – ABC News WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) — U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) sent shockwaves… Share ABCNEWS.COM.CO|BY ABCNEWS[...]

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July 14:Memories of the Bastille, Who Seattle Elected


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Black Races: Was Muhammad Black?


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Just leaked: It’s Pence

Chinazor Onianwah    TRUMP-PENCE Even Donald Trump can’t keep his own secret. The big bombshell everyone is waiting for is that Donald Trump has never paid taxes to Uncle Sam for five years. I guess he didn’t know that the roads leading to his Manhattan office, the airports where his p[...]

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Why the TPP is the best response to Chinese imperialism

A FB Dialog  Ed Hodapp Given China’s decision to declare an air defense zone in the vast region of the Pacific Ocean known as the South China Sea, I have decided to reverse my position on the TPP. I now support its ratification. It is vital that the nations of the Pacific Ocean form increased[...]

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A FB Dialog About “Race”  ‎Sheila Charles‎ to Stephen Schwartz Stephen when people refer to themselves as being hispanic, Italian, Irish, Jewish, German, etc. etc. they refer to their ethnicity. The fact of the matter is that all people consist of three major races. Regardless of[...]

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Black Lives Matter BUT Cops Too Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty


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The Nut Left

Jill Stein Promotes Homeopathy, Panders On Vaccines Jill Stein disappoints rational progressives by pandering to the left’s anti-science lunatic fringe. PATHEOS.COM|BY PROGRESSIVE SECULAR HUMANIST EXAMINER Jill Stein Pledges to Grant Edward Snowden a Full Pardon and Appoint Him to Her Cabinet.  E[...]