Senator Box-of-Rocks strikes out again

Tommy Tuberville (R-AL), the former football coach turned senator, started from a pole position in the race to be crowned America’s Dumbest Senator. Since the starting gun, he’s never looked back.

I don’t need to link to my past postings on the topic, “Tommy Tuberville is dumber than a box of rocks,” because I already did so last month here. So let’s go straight to the latest jaw-dropping nonsense to spill out of the vacuum between his ears.

Today, Sunday, July 7, 2024, Tuberville was on Maria Bartiromo’s Fox show, which is like two fenceposts having a conversation, when he dropped that Biden stopped making decisions after a year in office, and since then “Obama’s been running the country along with Blinken and Sullivan out of the White House.”

Obama is hardly a Mrs. Woodrow Wilson. You’ll more likely see him playing golf in Switzerland than hanging around the White House (see story here).

The online blowback was, may I say, unkind. You can read some of it here.

Photo below: Sen. Tuberville trying to relate to kids with Pokemon toys (see story here)

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