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March 18th, 2021 - 9:38 pm § in Politics, Racism

GOP is losing business support

The GOP, once the party of business, has morphed like a mutating virus into a petrie dish teeming with conspiracy nuts, racists and bigots, anti-maskers, and violent insurrectionists. In Georgia, where GOP legislators are ramrodding a huge voter suppression bill, the Chamber of Commerce is distancin[...]

February 12th, 2021 - 2:12 pm § in Donald Trump, Politics

What’s wrong with Trump’s defense argument

Trump’s lawyers, especially David Schoen, are trying to portray Trump’s use of the word “fight” — which impeachment prosecutors have focused on — as normal political language. “Opening their defense of Trump at his Senate impeachment trial Friday, the former[...]

December 30th, 2020 - 8:09 am § in Donald Trump, Health, Politics

Georgia audit drives another stake through Trump’s fraud fantasy

Georgia completed its audit of ballot signatures on Tuesday and “found no fraud in the presidential election, dealing yet another blow to President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the results,” Huffington Post reported on Wednesday, December 30, 2020. “The secretary of stateâ€[...]

September 29th, 2020 - 5:24 pm § in Donald Trump, Economics, Health, Politics

Poll: 77% of CEOs are for Biden

This story is news with liberal commentary. “A staggering 77% of business leaders polled by Yale say they plan to vote for Joe Biden over Trump in the November election … despite Biden’s proposals to hike tax rates on both corporations and the high-income households,” CNN rep[...]