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June 20th, 2022 - 4:47 pm § in Donald Trump, Politics

Kevin McCarthy is a lousy chess player

There’s no chance Kevin McCarthy, GOP House leader, deliberately sabotaged his own party; so let’s take that explanation off the table right away. He’s just a lousy chess player. As an MSNBC journalist explains (here), when McCarthy “dispatched a trusted ally … to nego[...]

June 19th, 2022 - 12:00 pm § in Donald Trump, Law and Courts

Daring to call it treason

John A. Stormer, a prominent anti-communist crusader of the Goldwater era, published a screed titled “None Dare Call It Treason” that was wildly popular in rightwing circles (details here). The book’s title and contents implied America was losing the Cold War because its liberal el[...]

June 18th, 2022 - 11:45 pm § in Donald Trump, Politics

Why Trump might have wanted the mob to kill Pence

It’s well known Trump was furious with Pence for not cooperating with a scheme to overturn the election, which involved Pence refusing certify electoral votes of key states. This would have either allowed the House to overturn the election, or GOP-controlled legislatures in states Biden won to[...]

June 18th, 2022 - 5:09 pm § in Humor, Hypocrisy, News Media, Politics

What Tucker Carlson thinks an “insurrection” is

After noting that, “Several crew members filming a comedy segment at the U.S. Capitol for ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ were charged with unlawful entry earlier this week,” Huffington Post says Tucker Carlson claimed on his show, “Last night, producers from Steph[...]

June 17th, 2022 - 1:33 pm § in Law and Courts, Politics

Capitol rioter pleadings and sentencings on 6/17/22

     Couy Griffin, a New Mexico county commissioner who embraces false election conspiracy theories, threatened to return with guns for Biden’s inauguration, and is currently defying a court order to certify his county’s 2022 primary election returns, was sentenced to time served, fin[...]

June 16th, 2022 - 2:05 pm § in Law and Courts, Politics

Prominent anti-vax doctor who rioted at Capitol gets prison

Dr. Simone Gold (photo, left, with megaphone; and below, reading script), a prominent anti-vaxxer (see profile here) and ardent Trump supporter, told the judge at her sentencing she has “suffered significant professional consequences due to her decision to enter the Capitol during the riots,&#[...]

June 15th, 2022 - 11:48 pm § in Politics

The Loudermilk “Capitol tour” controversy

Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA; profile here) has been accused of leading a “reconnaissance tour” of the Capitol complex by rioters mapping entry and escape routes a day before the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection. He denies that, but has refused to cooperate with the House investigation. It̵[...]

June 14th, 2022 - 12:06 am § in Law and Courts, Politics

The guns of November

In early November 2020, Joshua Macias (photo, left) traveled from Virginia to Philadelphia where he and a confederate were arrested outside a building where votes were being counted (details here). “Police recovered handguns, an AR-15-style rifle, 160 rounds of ammo, a lock-picking kit and a s[...]

June 11th, 2022 - 9:18 pm § in Donald Trump, Politics, Racism

Where “Liz Cheney” is a swear word

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) is the rioter in the video below. Now he wants to be “Sen. Mo Brooks (R-AL).” But first, he has to win a primary election. Meanwhile, Trump has endorsed his opponent, Katie Britt (“does this mean we’re not friends anymore?”). It was only last year[...]

June 4th, 2022 - 9:23 pm § in Donald Trump, Law and Courts

Peter Navarro’s “buy my book” defense

Peter Navarro (profile here), a former Trump adviser involved in efforts to overturn the 2020 election, was arrested Friday for contempt of Congress. Ex-Trump fixer Michael Cohen, who ought to know, thinks he’ll go to prison. Navarro, who’s not a lawyer, plans to represent himself. On Sa[...]