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September 23rd, 2017 - 6:52 am § in Misc.

Driving in Seattle

Christopher Goodwin (July 23, 2016) Earlier this evening I had the money a fortune to be driving in Capitol Hill where my daughter wanted to go to dinner. Everywhere I turned I found myself being cut off by an Uber who would then stop in the middle of the road to disgorge its occupants, or suddenly[...]

August 20th, 2017 - 9:51 am § in Misc.

Skate boarding in Korea


May 20th, 2017 - 9:28 am § in Environment, Misc.

China Threatens the Totoaba

The vaquita could go extinct this year as totoaba poaching continues to increase China’s demand for swim bladders from a giant Mexican fish called the totoaba is… NEWS.MONGABAY.COM|BY MIKE GAWORECKI[...]

April 28th, 2017 - 10:29 am § in Misc.

Bitch Session

Christopher Goodwin Sizzel Pie Pizza is trying to open next door to me, the build out took months and months and during that time the contractor would not stop blocking my f-ing driveway. I went over and became more and more direct with him, I am a direct person to begin with, by the end […][...]

November 20th, 2016 - 3:30 pm § in Misc.

Chris Goodwin Quits Smoking

Christopher Goodwin So yea I quit smoking two weeks ago. I have to say it’s going fine. Occasional craving I satiate with a taser to my nether regions so it’s so far so good. My friend told me that they were using vapes from someone similar to BuyV2Cig, BuyV2Cigs offer an amazing shisha [...]

July 25th, 2016 - 7:16 am § in Misc.

Chris Goodwin on Trump

Christopher Goodwin  For the record, I have never considered myself political unless “They are all liars and thieves” was a political movement. But having a 13 year old child gives me a new perspective. While it is true that Trump is an embarrassing shit-dumpster of a human being and a [...]

July 19th, 2016 - 5:39 am § in Misc.

CHRIS GOODWIN: Missing a daughter

Christopher Goodwin  FACEBOOK Day 8 today, 8 days without seeing my girl, as long as I have gone in 13 years. 8 days, I have been in a jail cell in Africa longer as the clock ticks, as I placed pebbles on the ledge, seems longer now. I was 8 days snowed into a cave […][...]

April 26th, 2016 - 1:34 am § in The Ave Scene

So, Whats Up With The Ballard Beaver?

Christopher Goodwin It’s that time of year when the Ballard Beaver comes to life! Yes businesses along Shilshole avenue actually got an old train and some cars and set them up on a disused rail line where a few times a year they move empty train cars from 45th NW to Market street and back. [&h[...]

April 21st, 2016 - 12:09 pm § in Jews, Misc., The Ave Scene

What Happens When Seattle’s Black Neighborhood Becomes “Schwarzenfrei?”

The most ironic  part of the protest against Uncle Ike’s MJ shop is the that the activists are Black but the  Central D is now “schwartzenfrei” … that is free of the African Americans who once made this a vibrant center of Seattle culture.   The complaints range from cha[...]

April 20th, 2016 - 8:47 am § in The Ave Scene

Goodwin: Silly Seattle Silly Shit

Christopher Goodwin The mayor’s office, in an effort to address concerns of conflict of interest regarding one of the people deciding to spend 1.4 million tax dollars to buy the failing bike share program he has an interest in, announced today “Who cares, it’s not my money” a[...]