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Pornography is only part of the story of these two pictures. Blake Gopnik To my Christian-trained eyes, there’s huge pathos in these images, regardless of the monster they show. Since the Middle Ages at least, Western image-making has had the sight of greatness, cast down and bloodied, right at it[...]

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Will Tablets Change Art?

David Hockney’s iPad art By Martin Gayford, The Telegraph One day last summer I got a text message from David Hockney. It read: “I’ll send you today’s dawn this afternoon, an absurd sentence I know, but you know what I mean.” Later on it duly arrived: pale pink, mauve and apricot cloud[...]

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Enjoy This

Immaterials: Light painting WiFi * Written by Einar Sneve Martinussen * Tuesday, 22 February , 2011 The city is filled with an invisible landscape of networks that is becoming an interwoven part of daily life. WiFi networks and increasingly sophisticated mobile phones are starting to influence how u[...]

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Movie Review: Adventures of Tintin

Blistering Barnacles! That iconic quiff has finally arrived on the big screen in The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn. Tintin‘s creator Hergé stated before his death that ‘if anyone can bring Tintin successfully to the screen’, it would be Spielberg, and he has done exactly that, [...]

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New Art Theater Opens in Seattle

Via Moira Macdonald at The Seattle Times: The Uptown Theater, one of Seattle’s oldest movie houses, is about to begin a new chapter. The Seattle International Film Festival announced Saturday night it has taken over the Queen Anne theater’s lease from the AMC chain, which had closed the [...]

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UW: Johsel Namkung, founding photographer with roots in the UW’s scientific history.

The Gordon Woodside / John Braseth Gallery in South Lake Union has works by Johsel Namkung.   I highly recommend this show to anyone who loves the Northwest and the UW. Johsel Namkung is a renaissance man.  While never a member of our faculty, his amazing career is  a tribute to the role the UW [...]

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Henry Gallery Exhibits Mt. Rainier Made of Seattle Junque

Image 2: David Herbert. Holy Mountain. 2011. Digital collage. Courtesy of the artist and Postmasters Gallery, New York. Seattle native David Herbert utilizes everyday materials, including Styrofoam, PVC pipes, and Scotch Tape, to create eccentric sculptural installations of iconic subjects. During a[...]