South Carolina: A tale of two scams

A couple weeks ago, South Carolina’s consumer protection agency issued a public warning about utility scams. Typically, scammers posing as utility companies “will tell you that your bill is late and your power will be cut off immediately, if you don’t pay right now” (read story here). A couple weeks later, South Carolina residents got this:

A utility scam? Sure looks like it, doesn’t it? But nope, it’s a political fundraising scam, from their Republican senator (photo, left, of guy with hand out; read story here).

Not only is the fundraising pitch dishonestly packaged, but the political message inside is dishonest, too: It falsely claims Biden “has crippled our patriotic oil & gas industry,” and forced many people to “turn off the heat in their homes.”

Solution? Send him money.

Why are Republicans so dishonest? It’s their DNA.

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