Would you blame the cops if they beat the crap out of her?

I sure hope a video of this one surfaces. I want to watch it.

Shannon Epstein, 25, is a niece of former New Jersey governor Chris Christie. She’s also a rotten person. Shortly after boarding a Spirit Airlines flight in New Orleans bound for New Jersey, she spotted a Latino family, approached them, asked them if they were “drug mules” and accused them of smuggling cocaine.

Epstein was deboarded (i.e., kicked off the plane), which she richly deserved, but she wasn’t about to go quietly. According to a New Orleans newspaper,

“When deputies arrived, Epstein refused to exit the jet bridge into the terminal, Rivarde said. When they tried to arrest her, she became ‘extremely combative.’ In the scuffle, she injured six deputies, biting one of the arm and breaking the skin, and kicking another in the groin …. All the while, Epstein shouted that the deputies were going to lose their jobs or end up in jail, boasting that she was related to powerful people and that her uncle is a friend of former President Donald Trump. Seven deputies were needed to handcuff Epstein to a wheelchair, so that she could be moved to the airport security office …. She continued to shout vulgarities and try to bite deputies ….”

It almost makes me want to say go ahead, police, beat the crap out of her; I’ll look the other way, and won’t say a thing.

She was booked on “six counts of battery on a police officer, three of disturbing the peace, one of resisting arrest by force and one of remaining after forbidden,” and was released from jail on bail, the newspaper said, adding the case likely will move to federal court. (Read story here.)

Capitol rioters who assaulted cops are getting between 5 and 7 years in federal prison. That sounds about right for this case, too, except I’d give her extra credit for the number of cops assaulted, biting and spitting, and for good measure I’d also throw in a hate crime enhancement; so let’s say about 7 to 9 years. And, of course, a lifetime flying ban.

By the way, was she high on cocaine? did she have any in her purse? does anybody know?

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