Capitol rioter faces 5-7 years for pummeling cop with baton

Another violent Trump supporter who tried to overthrow our government on Jan. 6, 2021, will spend years in prison for beating a police officer with a baton, which he kept as a souvenir.

Mason Joel Courson (photo, left), 27, of Tamarac, Florida, pled guilty to felony assault of a law enforcement officer with a dangerous weapon.

The standard sentencing range is 63 to 87 months, but the judge could give him more when he’s sentenced next year.

Raw Story says (here) that “Courson was part of a mob that confronted law enforcement officers at the Archway and tunnel areas leading into the Capitol Building from the Lower West Terrace …. He was at the bottom of a staircase when other rioters dragged an officer down the steps into the crowd. Courson then used a baton to assault the officer.”

Courson isn’t a patriot, he’s a criminal. Like the rest of the mob, he’s paying a steep price for believing Trump’s lies, and being loyal to a selfish man instead of our country.

For this he will spend years in prison, and after he’s released, he’ll suffer the disadvantages and opprobrium of being an ex-felon for the rest of his life.

It wasn’t worth it. Trump is loyal to no one. He could have, but didn’t, pardon a single one of the rioters; and now hundreds of them are facing criminal penalties for what they did at his behest and on his behalf. He should be in prison with them.

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