Fox and GOP stoke anti-LGBQT hate

A day after the mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs, Fox superstar Tucker Carlson and Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis were busy inciting more gratuitous violence against LGBQT people.

This is America, land of free speech, and they can do that, up to a point. Cross a line and you can be sued, as InfoWars hatemonger Alex Jones is finding out in Texas and Connecticut courts.

Carlson began his Goebbels show “by ticking off” false rightwing tropes characterizing “gender-affirming care for trans youth” as child abuse and suggesting that teaching children that LGBQT people exist amounts to “sexual exploitation,” then let anti-LGBQT activist Jaimee Michell promote her “groomer” propaganda (read story here).

Meanwhile Jenna Ellis, a Trump lawyer up to her eyeballs in coup complicity, said on her show that the dead victims of the Club Q massacre ” are now reaping the consequences of having eternal damnation,” which is a fancy way of saying they’re burning in Hell (read story here), a stomach-churning thing to say about people who’ve just been murdered.

Holy crap, how do you think their families feel about that? Gay people are furious (see story here), and you should be, too. This is way too much like watching people clapping and cheering at an early-1900s racist lynching.

You may ask, where does this hate come from? But I won’t; I don’t care. When behavior is so awful that it speaks for itself, motives don’t matter.

I want to hear Republicans and conservatives repudiate and condemn this behavior. I want the Murdoch family, owners of Fox, to either take Carlson off the air or at least put him on a much shorter leash. Until they do, they’re complicit in the bigotry, hate, and violence these people are unleashing on our society.

Photo: This screenshot is from Carlson-Michell segment in September 2022 decrying an anti-LGBQT hate group being banned from PayPal and Venmo (read that story here).

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