Why the Arizona governor’s race was called, and Kari Lake’s b.s. response

It was called by media outlets by Democrat Hobbs leads by 20,000 votes, and only 15,000 ballots remain to be counted.

Needless to say, Trump — not deterred by simple arithmetic — blasted the media for calling the race. He said, “Wow! They just took the election away from Kari Lake. It’s really bad out there.”

He wasn’t clear about who “they” are, so let’s clear that up: “They” is Arizona’s voters.

Meanwhile, Kari Lake tweeted,

They sure do, honey, and the blowback was swift and merciless. Read story here.

Related story: Republicans always knew “stop the steal” was a “charade,” but embraced Trump’s “Big Lie” because it “riled people up.” See story here. That makes the GOP directly responsible for the violence and threats against election workers the “Big Lie” incited.

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