Would indicting Trump cause a beer shortage?

When I contribute to this blog, I occasionally find myself debunking a conspiracy theory (see, e.g., my posting here).

Actually pretty frequently, because Republicans believe so many falsehoods and conspiracy theories. (Read a Newsweek article here about why.)

Last week Trump darkly hinted at mass political violence if he’s indicted for the classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago (see story here). That’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s plausible; we’ve already seen his supporters are capable of mass violence and he’s willing to incite them.

But Mary Trump, his niece and frequent critic, assures us “that’s not going to happen. There is not going to be some mass uprising to protest the fact that Donald finally for once in his life is being held accountable.”

Rather, she says, “The real problem is that we’re probably going to run out of beer” (see story here). I’m really curious what she bases that on (although I can guess), but she offered no explanation; she segued from there to mermaid racism. Listen for yourself below.

My own guess is what she means is a lot of Trumpers will be crying into their beers, which of course will require a lot of beer.

I hope she’s right on both scores — that Trump will be held accountable, and there’ll be no violent uprising if he is. I can live with a beer shortage.

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