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September 12th, 2022 - 11:56 pm § in Donald Trump, Politics

Why does Trump believe he won?

Everybody’s writing books now, including Maggie Haberman, a well-connected New York Times journalist (bio here). Haberman’s book, CNN political writer Chris Cillizza says (here), makes clear Trump’s election claims aren’t just for crowd consumption, but are something he seems[...]

September 12th, 2022 - 3:33 pm § in Misc.

Look out for the Sandwich Police

You may meet up with one of these if you drive fast in Sandwich, Massachusetts, a picturesque Cape Cod town with many 17th and 18th century structures. Return to The-Ave.US Home Page[...]

September 12th, 2022 - 12:01 pm § in Donald Trump, Politics

Deranged QAnon Trumper even shot the dog after shooting his family

A QAnon Trumper driven insane by Trump’s 2020 election defeat shot his wife and daughters, then shot the family dog, too. Igor Lanis, 53, of Walled Lake, Michigan (a Detroit suburb), was killed by police when he shot at them, too. His wife, Tina Lanis, 56, died at the scene from multiple handg[...]

September 12th, 2022 - 2:23 am § in Donald Trump, Law and Courts, Politics

Hillary is too easy on Trump

The object of countless “Lock her up!” chants says indicting Trump is “a really hard call” (see story here). No, it’s not, if he broke the law. She herself explained why it’s a simple, easy call: “I do think the rule of law holding people accountable is cent[...]

September 12th, 2022 - 1:50 am § in Politics

GOP candidates are changing their tune on abortion, but voters shouldn’t trust them

There’s nothing particularly new about candidates of both parties adopting strident rhetoric to win over highly partisan primary voters, than softening their tone — and positions — in the general election campaign. It’s happening again in the 2022 midterm elections. The Guard[...]