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June 24th, 2022 - 5:46 pm § in Politics

Nevada voters beware; Republican candidate is lying about keeping abortion legal there

Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh lied under oath in their confirmation hearings. (See stories here and here). Can’t do anything about that now. Adam Laxalt (photo, left), a GOP Senate nominee, says, “The people of Nevada have already voted to make abortion rights legal in our state and the Cou[...]

June 24th, 2022 - 1:08 pm § in Law and Courts

Is the Supreme Court taking us to another Dred Scott moment?

In 1857, a Supreme Court led by Roger Taney, scion of a Maryland slave-owning family, “declared on specious grounds that African Americans, enslaved or free, were not and would never be entitled to US citizenship and thus to constitutional rights and privileges.” That decision, Dred Scot[...]

June 24th, 2022 - 11:36 am § in Business, Misc.

Will Jody Allen sell the Seahawks?

Buying the team was her idea in the first place. The Microsoft entrepreneur bought the team for $197 million; it’s now worth billions, and his foundation, which she controls, might direct the money elsewhere. Rumors are flying. Read story here. Return to The-Ave.US Home Page[...]

June 24th, 2022 - 2:32 am § in America, Biden, Donald Trump, Europe, Foreign Affairs, Russia

Putin likely will survive; what should America do?

The Russian people are being forced to live in a dreamland, whether they want to or not, in which Putin’s aggression against Ukraine is a “sacred” duty of “defending the Motherland” and those supporting Ukraine are “international terrorist gangs.” Moreover, [...]