Judge tosses Hanford workers’ anti-vaccine lawsuit

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought by several hundred Hanford workers over COVID-19 vaccine requirements, a Seattle TV station reported on Saturday, May 14, 2022 (read story here).

It sounds like they were saddled with sloppy lawyering. KOMO 4 News says Judge Thomas Rice found that lawyers for the workers “had not provided clear arguments nor specific information about most [of the] workers to make their case.” His dismissal order cited “continued failures to address the shortcomings in their various pleadings.”

“The judge said 307 of the workers in the case had not shown they were harmed by the vaccine mandate or that a decision in their favor would redress any harm,” KOMO 4 News said. “Many had not filed for religious or medical exemptions …. Others had filed but failed to provide information to the court on their exemption or vaccination status. … Other plaintiffs failed to say who employed them, giving them no standing in the case.”

The lawyers argued that vaccine mandates violate the Constitution, but Judge Rice found “a closer examination of the claims reveals only broad recitations of various constitutional principles muddled with repetitive allegations that the executive orders were promulgated in excess of President Biden’s authority.”

I wonder if these workers object to masks, too?

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