How to score in a tight baby market

Justices fixing to erase Roe v. Wade from the law have spoken of wanting to increase the “domestic supply of babies” (details here). Apparently there’s a shortage.

I didn’t realize there’s an adoption market similar to the real estate market — it’s not something I think about — but apparently there is. And, like houses for sale, there’s a shortage. Or at least the justices say so.

What to do if you can’t score the house of your dreams? You settle for something that’s available (i.e., you buy one in a black neighborhood).

Folks, it’s the same deal with babies. If you can’t adopt a girl, then adopt a boy. (Yes, I know they’re more trouble. That’s why they’re available, dummy.) And if the inventory of white babies is thin to non-existent, do the same thing you’d do when home shopping, adopt a black baby.

Plus, they’re much cheaper. No affordability worries here. Black babies cost only half as much as white babies: $18,000 versus $35,000, on average.

Details here.

Above: Like houses, baby prices have soared. Below: Justice Alito. To find out how looney he is, go here.

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