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Read story here about an Austrian professional mountain guide who was killed on Alaska’s highest mountain in May 2022. Go here for illustration of the West Buttress route, the most frequently climbed route, where the accident occurred; 13 climbers have died where he fell. Return to The-Ave.US [...]

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Ukraine says it hit another Russian warship

I saw reports of this early today, but couldn’t verify it, so delayed posting about it, and major media still aren’t reporting it. Russia is denying it. Yahoo News said this afternoon (Friday, May 6, 2022) the ship was hit by a Ukrainian missile near Snake Island (of “Go F— Y[...]

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Putin can kiss his yacht goodbye

Ownership of this floating palace hasn’t been definitively established — Russians cover their tracks — but it’s believed to be Putin’s plaything. Called the “Scheherazade” (the big boat in the photo below), it’s been laid up for repairs in an Italian p[...]

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Racism against Asian-Americans is at a pandemic high

There have been plenty of news stories about hate crimes against Asian-Americans. Stupid whites (and some Hispanics and blacks, too) have blamed them for Covid-19. They have nothing to do with it. And it’s getting worse. “More Americans are now blaming Asian Americans for Covid-19 than a[...]

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Covid denier can kiss his Army career goodbye

An Army lieutenant who refused to telework, provide a negative test, or wear a mask was convicted by a special court-martial of violating orders. Mark Bradshaw (photo), an Air Force sergeant who became an Army officer, is a jerk. He was a company commander, and the soldiers under him had no choice a[...]

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Great Migration, v.2022

Pods, a moving and storage company, sees people leaving big cities for the U.S. southeast, especially Florida. Why? Reasons include cheaper housing and getting closer to nature. Not mentioned: Crime. Read story here. Not surprisingly, Los Angeles and San Francisco top the list of cities people are l[...]