Why you’ve gotta read candidate biographies

“Trucker Randy” Bishop is well-known in northern Michigan politics. The ex-felon hosts a rightwing radio show, is an outspoken promoter of gun rights (for ex-felons, too?), and was kicked off Facebook, a badge of honor in his circles (details here). Now he’s running for state senator as a Democrat. That’s right, he’s a candidate in the Democratic primary.

A synopsis of his platform is here (you’ll need to scroll down). He complains “a standard family is no longer portrayed as a white mom, a white dad, and white kids” and contends African-Americans “own” the media (including his radio show?), politicians (him, too?), the public schools, and “want us to die.” He depicts white people as victims of voter suppression, and believes “we have got to be just as smart” as them (so he’s running as a Democrat in order to fool them into voting for him?).

Talk about somebody who’s paranoid, delusional, and racist. This is why you can’t trust party labels and gotta know the candidates. Lotsa dishonest people out there.

Photo: Trucker Randy has the white beard

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