Trucker protest has a new problem

When they drove circles around D.C., you didn’t hear much about them, because there wasn’t much to hear about except drivers flipping them off. Well, there is now. Daily Beast reports:

“Many things have given the People’s Convoy problems, from Beltway commuters flipping them off to their vehicles breaking down on the interstate to legislators on Capitol Hill not meeting with them.

“But now, in California [they made it all the way to California on $6 diesel? — Ed.], they have a new issue on their hands: Their own dogs are urinating on their food.

“’I do have to do something about the dogs,’ trucker Ron Coleman said …. ‘I am trying to figure out how to be sensitive enough to let the people with the dogs know that their dogs are peeing on our food.’ …

“Following Coleman’s declaration, members of the convoy at the campsite were left to argue over where dogs at the camp should and shouldn’t be allowed to roam. Since leaving the Washington, D.C., area, the anti-COVID-19 vaccine convoy has drastically become smaller, with most losing interest after accomplishing very little besides burning fuel.”

Yeah. Well, that’s their problem. I expect they’ll be no better at solving it than they were at solving Covid-19’s contagiousness, or whatever it was they were protesting against. I wouldn’t elect these people to Congress (but some voters would).

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