Get Madison Cawthorn out of Congress — and off the road, too

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) has a thing about rules: He disrespects them.

Not formal House rules. Nor the Republican caucus’s unspoken rule to not publicly accuse its members of engaging in drug-fueled orgies behind closed doors. Or his home state’s traffic laws.

He racked up 3 violations in 5 months including doing 89 in a 65 zone, which required him to go to court (see story, and video of the traffic stop, here). He’s also an accused sexual predator (details here).

He doesn’t have a driver’s license (it was revoked), so why was he even driving? He falsely told the trooper the car was registered to him (it’s his dad’s), and he had a gun in the car (which, I guess, is legal — but a very bad idea).

In short, he’s a bad person, and has a bad attitude.

Why isn’t he in jail? White privilege? A perk of position? Or is North Carolina simply very lenient with people who drive cars that don’t belong to them, while their licenses are revoked, with a gun in the vehicle, and are serial traffic law violators?

And what’s wrong with the voters who elect someone like this to represent them in Congress?

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