Texas GOP expands its war against LGBQT kids

Texas AG Ken Paxton, a Republican homophobe, has ordered an Austin school district to stop observing Pride Week.

Pride Week, he says, is “sex education” and therefore violates Texas law. That’s nonsense. It’s like saying observing the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday is “racist.” Pride Week simply recognizes that gay kids exist, and aims to help these often-bullied kids feel better about themselves. Lord knows, they need that.

This isn’t Paxton’s, or the Texas GOP’s, first attack on LGBQT kids. “In recent weeks, Paxton has targeted LGBTQ+ youth in Texas,” the Guardian said (here), by “stating that gender-affirming care for children [is] ‘child abuse’ under Texas law,” and Gov. Greg Abbott, also a Republican, ordered the state’s child protection services to investigate parents who sought such care for their children. A judge blocked that order (see story here).

Across the U.S., the GOP has gone on vicious anti-gay rampages in this election season, because it feeds the bigotry of their voting base.

I won’t vote for that, and I don’t think anyone else should vote for a party of demagogues that victimizes innocent kids for political gain. What they’re doing isn’t just indecent, it’s child abuse.

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