Canadian political scientist foresees a “coming storm from the south”

A Canadian political scientist has warned his government the U.S. might descend into civil unrest and come under a rightwing dictatorship by 2030. In an op-ed in The Globe and Mail, Thomas Homer-Dixon, director of a think tank affiliated with a British Columbia university, said Canada should prepare for a “worst-case scenario.” (Read story here.)

“The United States is becoming increasingly ungovernable, and some experts believe it could descend into civil war,” he said, alluding to remarks by three retired American military generals (see that story here).

Homer-Dixon cited “warning signals” of an “unfolding crisis” being driven by stagnant incomes, economic insecurity, inequality, and rightwing broadcasters who undermine the “moral authority of U.S. political institutions.” He warned if Trump regains the White House, “the economic and political risks to [Canada] will be innumerable.”

“A terrible storm is coming from the south, and Canada is woefully unprepared,” he said.

Homer-Dixon apparently is something of a pop-culture figure in Canada (see below).

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  1. Mark Adams #

    We would likely keep it tidy except for whiffs of radioactivity going north. [Edited comment]

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    I think they would appreciate our keeping the fallout to ourselves.