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January 2nd, 2022 - 10:26 pm § in Racism

PHOTOGRAPHY: Four little girls

The “Four Spirits” statue across the street from the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, unveiled in 2013 (details here), commemorates the four girls killed by the 1963 KKK church bombing: Denise McNair, 11, and Addie Mae Collins, 14, Carole Rosamond Robertson, 14, and Cyn[...]

January 2nd, 2022 - 8:08 pm § in Misc.

Headlines for Sunday, Jan. 2, 2022

Covid-19: U.S. deaths surpass 826,000 — Covidtracker Deer are getting Covid-19 from humans  (Story here) “Florida cases up 948% in last two weeks” — CNN headline “What’s coming for the rest of the country could be very serious.” (Story here) Sick flight cr[...]

January 2nd, 2022 - 2:40 pm § in Business

Blackberries stop working in 2 days

Remember Blackberry? The status symbol? Pffft. If you still have one, it stops working on Tuesday, January 4, 2022. Or at best, just sputters along the side of the road, watching newer and fancier technologies whizzing by. Good riddance. Unless you were a real CEO or celebrity, a Blackberry was an i[...]

January 2nd, 2022 - 2:31 pm § in Schools & Colleges, Science

Why Pluto should not be a planet

Well, they’re back at it again. Arguing over whether Pluto should be called a planet, a dwarf planet, or a Kuiper object. I guess it gives astronomers something to do around the water cooler. Anyway, the International Astronomical Association Union, which is as official as you can get, adopte[...]

January 2nd, 2022 - 2:27 pm § in Law and Courts

Courthouse beat, December 2021 edition

3 High-Profile Trials, 3 Guilty Verdicts  Corporate fraudster Elizabeth Holmes GUILTY (story here) Sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell GUILTY (story here) Killer cop Kim Potter GUILTY (story here) Return to The-Ave.US Home Page[...]