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December 18th, 2021 - 6:39 pm § in Law and Courts, Schools & Colleges

Tik-Tok challenge gets kids arrested

Students across the country are being arrested after making threats against schools in reponse to a “TikTok challenge,” the tabloid Daily Mail reported on Saturday, December 18, 2021 (story here). A New York newspaper said the TikTok “challenge” labeled Friday as “Natio[...]

December 18th, 2021 - 2:03 pm § in Law and Courts, Politics

The guns of January 6

Republicans have tried to whitewash the Capitol riot as a protest. Among their claims: The “protesters” weren’t armed. Except they were. They had spears, clubs, and bear spray. Those are weapons. They threw boards, fire extinguishers, and metal barriers at police officers guarding [...]

December 18th, 2021 - 12:45 pm § in Law and Courts

How much did MAGAteen get from suing the media?

We don’t know, because the settlements are confidential (see latest story here). The best conjectures we have are litigation experts’ educated inferences. “Some Lawyers Think Covington Catholic’s Nick Sandmann Walked Away from Media Lawsuits with Peanuts” “If you believe [...]

December 18th, 2021 - 2:42 am § in America, Donald Trump, Health, Politics

Why Trump deserved to lose

“The Trump administration engaged in ‘deliberate efforts’ to undermine the U.S. response to the coronavirus pandemic for political purposes, a congressional report released [on] Friday,” December 17, 2021, says (read story here). While the report was put out by a House subcom[...]

December 18th, 2021 - 1:59 am § in Democrats, Politics

Cartoon: Mocking Manchin

(Editor’s Note: Manchin is a multimillionaire who makes his money from a coal brokerage business he still owns.) Return to The-Ave.US Home Page[...]

December 18th, 2021 - 1:23 am § in America, Donald Trump, Law and Courts

Will Trump send a Christmas card to Capitol rioter doing 5 years?

Robert Palmer, 54, of Tampa, Florida, was sentenced to 5 years 3 months in federal prison for repeatedly assaulting Capitol police during the January 6 insurrection. It’s the longest sentence handed down to a Capitol rioter so far, and suggests what other violent Capitol rioters may face when [...]

December 18th, 2021 - 12:33 am § in Donald Trump, Law and Courts, Politics

“Coup memo” lawyer slapped with ethics complaint

A legal group has filed a formal ethics complaint at Trump lawyer John Eastman, author of the infamous “coup memo” outlining legal strategies to overturn the 2020 election (details here). Eastman was fired from his law teaching position, but still has a sinecure at the Claremont Institut[...]

December 18th, 2021 - 12:15 am § in Economics, Schools & Colleges

Should students get debt forgiveness?

Paying student debt has been suspended during the pandemic, but the moratorium is about to expire. “Student loan payments were initially paused nationwide in March 2020 under a moratorium enacted by then-President Trump, which has been extended several times under the Trump and Biden administr[...]