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More voting fraud found!

Three Floridians have been arrested for voting fraud, Daily Beast reported on Tuesday, December 14, 2021 (story here). Jay Ketcik, 63, Joan Halstead, 71, and John Rider, 61, all residents of The Villages, a retirement community, are accused of voting in Florida and also casting absentee ballots in o[...]

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You’re no patriot, take a timeout

Cleveland Meredith Jr., 53, arrived in Washington D.C. from Georgia too late to join the Capitol riot because his car broke down, which is a good thing, because he had and assault rifle, handgun, and thousands of rounds of ammunition with him (photo below). So he holed up in a motel about a mile fro[...]

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Is Federal Reserve public enemy #3?

I’m leaving the first two slots on the Public Enemy list blank, for you to fill in as you please. (I have my own nominees.) Biden has just nominated Jerome Powell, the Federal Reserve chair, for another 4-year term, and the Senate will soon vote whether to confirm him. This article is about wh[...]

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When construction lumber should be subsidized

Particle board and other lumber products are a lot more expensive than pre-pandemic, but that’s not why I’m posting about this. California has a wildfire problem, and the world has a climate change problem. A partial — and I emphasize only partial — contribution toward solvin[...]

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Your life or your job

“As a catastrophic tornado approached [Mayfield, Kentucky] Friday, employees of a candle factory — which would later be destroyed — heard the warning sirens and wanted to leave the building. But at least five workers said supervisors warned employees that they would be fired if they left [...]

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12/13/21 headlines

*** HYPOCRITE OF THE YEAR AWARD *** Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) habitually votes against disaster relief. Until Kentucky needs federal help. Story here – On January 6, Don Trump Jr. and Fox hosts frantically pleaded with Trump to call off the rioters. He wouldn’t listen. Story here – On[...]