U. of Florida was pressured to destroy Covid-19 data


GOP “reopen” governor’s reign of fear:

Faculty Senate report slams political interference; MIAMI HERALD says

“fear of upsetting state officials is pervasive among faculty”

Download Faculty Senate report here

Read Miami Herald story here

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican who wants to be president,

previously ordered a police SWAT team to assault the home

of a Covid-19 data tampering whistleblower

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  1. Voters keep voting for liars, cheaters, destroyers of science data. WHY? #

    Does DeSantis now believe dictating the ordered destruction of U of Florida researchers’ Covid-19 scientific data is a qualifier for being the next dictator-in-chief of the US?

    Destroying scientific work of the University researchers hurts all US citizens by withholding truth and medical facts at taxpayer’s expense.