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December 7, 2021:

Pentagon ends efforts to identify Pearl Harbor remains 80 YEARS LATER, 396 OF USS OKLAHOMA’S 429 DEAD HAVE MARKED GRAVES read story here[...]

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Trump costs GOP one of its stars

“By any measure, Charlie Baker is one of the most popular governors in the country,” CNN says (here). “In 2018, he won reelection as Massachusetts’ chief executive with 67% of the vote and his approval ratings regularly crested 60% — even amid the worst throes of the Co[...]

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Clown parade (video)

“Patriot Front, a group widely considered to be White nationalists, marched at the National Mall in Washington, DC, wearing white masks and carrying plastic shields. CNN’s Laura Jarrett and John Avlon react to the scene.” — CNN, December 6, 2021 Return to The-Ave.US Home Page[...]

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Tennessee teacher fired for telling white students their ancestors weren’t oppressed slaves

White privilege is real, and white students do have advantages, but you can’t tell them that if you want to teach in Tennessee. Matthew Hawn (photo, left), a tenured high school teacher who taught a social studies class on “Contemporary Issues” in Kingsport, found that out the hard[...]

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Why it’s silly to blame Biden for higher gas prices

“The world’s underinvestment in fossil fuel development since 2014 is leading to an era of scarcity for global oil markets, Halliburton CEO Jeff Miller told the World Petroleum Congress today in Houston.” Read story here. What happened in 2014, of course, is that crude prices crash[...]