Greece begins fining older vaccine holdouts

If you’re Greek, over 60, and not vaccinated, you’ll have pay a $114 monthly fine to stay that way.

Americans would never stand for that, but we’re not as civilized as they are. Greeks don’t let their kids take guns to school either.

Greece has national health insurance (details here), and their government apparently is tired of nimrods tying up their ICU wards and running up their health care costs, which amount to 2.8% of their GDP, about 1/10th of what we proportionally spend on our health care, and theirs is better.

They can get away with that because they don’t insist on private enterprise and don’t have to deal with Republicans.

Germany is considering mandatory vaccinations, because Germans are smart. We won’t, because we’re not.

Read story here.

Photo: A Greek gets jabbed; unlike some Americans, he’ll be alive for his next birthday

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  1. Mark Adams #

    Who is to say the Greeks will put up with the fines. They are adept at avoiding paying taxes.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    Check with the IRS. They have insight into how governments collect from people who owe and don’t pay.

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