What election lawsuit? This is a pillow sale!

“Despite months of promising to file an explosive lawsuit that would ‘pull down’ the 2020 presidential election results and reinstate Donald Trump to the White House, pillow-monger Mike Lindell has instead turned his election-fraud-athon into a four-day sales promotion,” Huffington Post reported on Black Friday, November 26, 2021 (read story here).

“’I want to show you guys some Black Friday specials that we’re doing with MyPillow,’ Lindell said Friday morning, rattling off sales for pillows and sheets. ‘That’s the lowest price in history.’ He then went off on a long explanation of why his sheets were made overseas from Egyptian cotton rather than U.S.-grown cotton, with ‘Save up to 66% off over 110 products’ displayed on-screen below him.”

“Lindell has been claiming since summer that he was coordinating a lawsuit among ‘tons’ of state attorneys general, as many as 30, to be filed at 9 a.m. Tuesday directly with the U.S. Supreme Court and that he would spend the long Thanksgiving weekend explaining the suit during an ad-free webcast,” Huffington Post said. Instead of that, Lindell pitched his pillows. “We’re doing stuff that’s over the top to put stuff on sale for Black Friday,” he said.

Normally to do that you have products cheaply made, out of cheap materials, for the big blowout sale. You get what you pay for.

Is anybody surprised that “no lawsuit has been filed, and the show, which featured the same lies about the election Lindell has been spreading for a year, prominently featured Lindell’s pillow ads with its own ‘promo code'”?

Lindell, a college dropout and ex-crack addict, is a pathetic huckster. He’s also shameless promoter of quack Covid-19 remedies. For all the suckers who were breathlessly waiting for his big election lawsuit reveal, his message turned out to be: “I made you look!”

Really, this is what selling Donald Trump to the masses has come down to.

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