Twisting in the wind

Hundreds of Capitol rioters risked much to support Trump’s bid for an illegitimate second term. He left them twisting in the wind.

They were arrested, jailed, and are being prosecuted for the crimes they committed on his behalf, but he didn’t pardon a single one, nor is he helping them with their defense costs — something he once promised to do. They’re on their own.

“Trump could pay $156,000 in legal expenses for every person arrested thus far in the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol” from donations to his PAC without spending a penny of his own money, Huffington Post pointed out here, but “so far has not helped a single one of the nearly 700 rioters.”

“Many people who went there that day are disappointed by his lack of support,” said one defense lawyer. What did they expect? It’s not like Trump isn’t a known quantity, a man who demands loyalty but gives none in return. It was never going to be any different, and everyone knew that.

Normally, people like that have no friends. Normal people shy away from them. It’s hard to understand his supporters’ adoration of such a selfish man. Some saw him as a successful businessman who could turn the economy around. But Trump is a failure in business. He’s been through multiple bankruptcies, and legally avoided paying income taxes for years because his businesses don’t make money. Banks won’t lend to him.

He doesn’t pay his bills. Businesses and tradesmen who provided goods and services to his businesses often went unpaid, or he criticized their work and “negotiated” low-ball payments. His track record of cheating people, and bragging about it, is so extensive only fools do business with him or his companies.

Recently, the GOP picked up $121,670 of legal bills owed by the Trump Organization arising from its business practices (story here). Among GOP officials, it raised eyebrows, but they excuse it by arguing the legal actions were political persecution, which is nonsense. On Trump’s end, it’s his stand m.o. of getting others to pay his bills whenever he can.

I don’t understand why any veteran or active duty service member admires this guy. He has no military values. Military service is about teamwork, and leaving no one behind. Trump was a draft dodger, and time after time, he has thrown loyal supporters under the bus. At least half a dozen arrested Capitol rioter were active duty personnel, who are now going to lose their military careers for what they did on his behalf. He doesn’t care.

Do they deserve sympathy? Absolutely not. Every Capitol rioter deserves to be stuck with a criminal record, and many deserve jail terms. They are pariahs, not patriots. Many of the civilian rioters, including a number of police officers, have lost good jobs.

And for what? To blindly follow a dishonest man who only looks out for himself. It makes no sense. It merely shows how stupid and gullible people sometimes can be.

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