Why do Republicans lie so much?

Fact check: This image was circulated in social media about a week after Biden’s inauguration is digitally altered (“doctored”) using a 2011 photo of Biden falling asleep in a budget meeting (who doesn’t?). Details here. This is what political hacks resort to when they don’t have legitimate arguments to make or good policies to sell to voters. Rightwingers do this sort of thing all the time. The examples are countless.

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  1. When was trump ever a work horse? When he played golf #

    “Golf playing Trump’s cost to Taxpayers: About $149,000,000**”

    “Daytime visits to golf clubs since inauguration, evidence of playing golf on at least 150 visits.” “A last recorded outing was on December 30, 2020.” “A complete data table for a list of Trump’s outings, and view breakdown of total costs.”

    “A new GAO report on the cost of Trump’s trips to Mar-a-Lago.” –

    Question 1: When was trump a work horse?

    Answer: When he was on the golf course.