The other Kenosha vigilante is a black woman. She’ll likely be convicted.

Her name is Chrystul Kizer (photo, right). She’s black.

She claims to be a sex trafficking victim, and says she killed her pimp — a white man (photo, left) — in self-defense.

Authorities have charged her with murder. She’s out of jail on bond raised by supporters while awaiting trial.

The judge presiding in the case has already ruled against the legal defense her lawyers wanted to use. It looks like she’ll be found guilty of “defending herself while black.”

On Sunday, November 21, 2021, “demonstrators gathered … in Kenosha to decry Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal and … called for justice for Chrystul Kizer,” a Milwaukee newspaper reported (story here; more details about the case here).

“We’ve seen that Rittenhouse can get away with premeditated murder. Chrystul Kizer should be able to actually defend herself,” one demonstrator said.

“The anger that hits all people, Black people, white people, that are concerned about the racism that this country faces, is like — it just stabs you in the chest time and time and time again,” another said.

There were black people with guns at the rally “providing security” (photo, right).

They probably figure what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander. But a lot of people are going to wonder whether the rule that protected Kyle Rittenhouse would also apply to them in identical or similar circumstances.

So far, that hasn’t been Chrystul Kizer’s experience.

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