Rent a car, go to jail

Toxic car rental company?

Dozens of ex-customers claim Hertz falsely reported rented cars as “stolen”

According to lawyers representing former customers, a faulty computer system led to their clients being arrested because rental cars they’d paid for were falsely reported as “stolen.” Lawyers for 165 victims of this alleged “corporate disaster” say their clients suffered heart attacks and strokes, ruined reputations, and lost jobs and even custody of their children. They allege the company knew of problems for “years” but “swept it under the rug” and there may be “thousands” of victims. Hertz’s lawyers argue the company doesn’t owe them a cent. Read stories on CBS News (here)ABC News (here)Daily Mail (here)Atlanta Black Star (here).

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  1. Mark Adams #

    Of course the company can be sued. Even if unintentional it is a breach of contract. The real question is why one or more local, state or Federal prosecutors have not gone after the company for making false claims.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    These are tort claims based on negligence. Most of the customers’ damages would be unrecoverable under a breach of contract claim.