The ignorant stargazer’s guide to monthly payments

This is Friday Science Night (I’ve already posted two astronomy articles in a row), so you may be wondering by now how to get your own feet wet. (Go barefoot, silly!) I’m here to help.

“The Webb Space Telescope [if it ever gets off the ground — ed.] will generate incredible images that are only going to inspire more people to get interested in science,” this article says.

So, when you head for the optical emporium, what do you get?

As finances are a limiting factor for most of us, and a personal Webb scope is out of reach for most people (although not everybody), what’s a good compromise on a typical hobby budget (i.e., not more than the price of a shiny new Ford Mustang)?

Personally, I think a Takahashi 100mm fluorite doublet refractor paired with a non-Edge Celestron C8 SCT on a Losmandy AZ8 alt-az dual mount with Feathertouch focusers, star diagonals, and TeleVue eyepieces is the way to go.

Of course, you’ll also need a bunch of accessories, too many to list here, and a sympathetic loan officer. Oh, and the monthly payments? Just download a free mortgage calculator.


Seattle area retailers here and here

Mail order sellers here and here (there are others)

Product reviews here (Takahashi 100mm scope, photo below), here (C8 scope), here (Lozmandy mount), and here (Feathertouch focuser)

Forums, reviews, info — try Cloudy Nights (here)

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  1. Mark Adams #

    There is a slightly used fixer upper radio telescope in Puerto Rico looking for a patron.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    Most people want something they can look through.

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