The stupid stuff Trumpers believe

Better skip the salad dressing at your next outing in a no-masks-allowed restaurant. The government is sneaking vaccine into it. At least, that’s what rightwing conspiracy-mongers like Mike Flynn are saying now.

Allow me to let you in on a closely-guarded liberal secret. If we’re going to administer stealthy Ciovid-19 vaccinations, we’ll do it by injecting it into the Ivermectin they’ll administer to you at the naturopathic clinic, not the salad dressing they serve in restaurants we can’t (and don’t want to) get into.

This story is all over the place, but I’ll quote from Yahoo News here:

“Michael Flynn is no longer a general, no longer the national security adviser, [thank God — ed.] and no longer a credible figure in mainstream conservatism. This hasn’t stopped him from becoming one of the most powerful influencers among the nether regions of the MAGAverse. …

“On Monday [September 20, 2021 — ed.], Flynn appeared on … a podcast clearly meant to drive business to … the ventures of affiliated snake oil salesmen …. The interview with Flynn begins with a lot of talk … that PCR Covid tests are rigged, and that once you’re into the hospital doctors give you drugs developed by George Soros to kill you (one of the drugs he cites, Remdesevir, was administered to President Trump), all the while withholding ‘100-percent effective’ treatments like hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, also known as the horse paste that has caused a flood of calls to poison control [centers].

After asking Flynn whether he’s shocked “that the CDC protocols … are actually causing … doctors, to be accidentally euthanizing Americans at scale?” and Flynn responds by comparing America’s medical establishment to “Nazis,” the host veers into a salad bar of conspiracy theories [pun intended — ed.], until finally coming to this one:

To find out what gave birth to this nonsense (does it even matter?), keep reading the Yahoo News article, at the link provided above. The point is, there are people who actually believe this tripe. In fact, America is full of them. Remember the pizza-dungeon guy? So the question is, how did America — a country renowned for its common sense and technological prowess — come to be populated by so many child-like people who lack third-grade thinking skills? I have some theories. For what they’re worth:

  • Underfunded education systems with teachers like her in the third-world regions of our country;
  • Brain damage from watching too much TV (of the wrong kind) and/or drinking too much home-brewed rotgut;
  • A lingering side-effect of the opioid addiction crisis ravaging communities in, again, the third-world parts of America;
  • Native stupidity; remember, only half of us can have above-average IQs on the standard Stanford-Binet scale;
  • Confirmation bias; i.e., people listening only to what they want to hear, and shutting out what they don’t want to hear;
  • A previously-unrecognized long-lasting psycho-neural effect of “long Covid” disease prevalent among anti-vaxxers;
  • Just the ordinary run-of-mill credulousness of the sort of people who buy hundreds of lottery tickets and respond to Nigerian emails.
  • Maybe liberals are scheming to jab Trumpers in the back with death-dealing vaccines.

Readers are welcome to offer their own theories in comment submissions; those deemed to potentially have merit, or are just plain funny, will be posted. I have to say, though, the rising stupidity of average Americans is a concern. They’re probably gloating in Beijing and Moscow. In fact, I suspect that’s where a lot of this stuff originates — why fight a world war, when you can defeat America by spreading disinformation and filling Americans’ heads with trash?

Which makes you wonder who Michael Flynn is really working for. We already know he took money from Russia and Turkey. And there seem to be plenty of buyers among the MAGA crowd for what he’s peddling now.

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