Kicked out for wearing masks

The owner of Hang Time Sports Grill & Bar in Dallas, who only wants to be known as “Tom,” doesn’t like masks.

To him it’s political; he thinks masks are “ridiculous.” So part of his restaurant’s dress code is that no masks are allowed, and he says it’s a rule he “believes strongly in and will continue to enforce.”

Also personal: “I have spent my money on the business, my blood sweat and tears in this business, and I don’t want masks in here,” he told a Dallas TV station. He says it’s a private business and he has every right to refuse service to those who want to wear their mask.

Which is true, but also very stupid, because wearing a mask doesn’t hurt anybody. (Not wearing one, on the other hand, can.)

He doesn’t have to worry about getting in trouble with health authorities. This is Texas. Gov. Greg Abbott is in the forefront of Republican governors who’ve fiercely fended off against mask and vaccine requirements. But note that even the most ardent anti-mandate politicians don’t propose punishing people for voluntarily complying with health experts’ guidance, although across the country a few private business owners like Tom have made a flourish of picking on those people, as a sort of retaliation because they feel picked on.

Anyway, Tom and his business are in the news for kicking out a couple for wearing masks. (Read story here and here.) While they feel miffed, and went to the news media with their story, I think Tom did them a favor. If they’re worried about Covid-19, and they should be, they don’t want to be in a place like his, mingling with his type of customers. It’s the kind of place sensible people should stay away from, and not just because of the goofy politics. It’s unsafe.


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